Choosing the Right Gaming Chair: Ergonomic Features

Choosing the Right Gaming Chair: Ergonomic Features

Gaming chairs have surged in popularity, offering ergonomic comfort for extended gaming sessions. Originally built for gaming, their design now encompasses support for prolonged desk sitting. They prioritize thoughtful design to ensure user comfort and adaptability to various body types and desk setups. With customizable features, they cater to individual preferences and usage.

The current generation of gaming chairs are versatile, serving gaming, work, and relaxation needs. Their multifunctionality is supported by features that offer seamless adaptation to diverse user preferences and activities.

In this series, we look at the various options available and how to choose which is right for you!

1. Ergonomic Features: Neck & Lumbar cushion, chair design, chair cushion
Gaming chairs are designed to support the body during long sessions of sitting. To achieve this, many major brands such as AKRacing have worked with e-sports teams over the years, and have gathered feedback from them to design their chairs. Several features implemented in the chair affect its ergonomic design and these include the neck and lumbar cushion, the chair design itself and the material used for the chair padding.

Neck & Lumbar Cushion
Most gaming chairs include neck & lumbar cushions that help to support the back and neck during long hours. These cushions can be adjusted to different positions to suit different heights and body proportions.
AKRacing offers 2 types of neck cushion, depending on model, to cater to different individual feel of the chair. The “Standard” design is thicker while the “Max” design is wider and flatter.

Chair Design
Every gaming is unique in design and will feel different to each user depending on user's weight, height and body shape. For instance, some chairs will have raised edges along the seat base to provide a “tighter” or more “racing-car-seat feel” while other chairs have a fully flat base for a more relaxed “wider” feel. The height of the chair’s back and the depth of the seat base will make a difference when sitting for long hours and even a minor difference of 1cm can definitely be felt. 

Chair Padding
The best gaming chairs are made with cold-molded foam filling. This foam is chosen as it does not sink in (unlike memory foam or polyester filling) and can remain supportive even hours of use. The foam is manufactured into the exact shape ensuring only 1 piece of foam is used for the backing of the chair which ensures stability and durability. 

Which is best?

While these are just some of the features of a gaming chair, which ergonomic feature will suit you best depends on your preference:

  • Neck & Lumbar cushion: Would you prefer thicker or flatter cushions?
  • Chair design: Would you prefer wide feel or racing car feel?
  • Chair Padding: Are you looking for affordability or quality? Cold molded foam is harder to produce and commands a higher price point but will also last much longer, while other types of foam will suit a more modest budget. 
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